Gunplay's debut album for Def Jam, Living Legend, is finally out and in stores, and today XXL premieres the fourth installment in his five-part Living Legend interview series. In this segment, which you can watch above, the Maybach Music Group MC opens up by naming 2pac as an example of someone who achieved the status of "living legend."

"The public tried to break him down, they couldn't. They tried shooting him, they couldn't," Gunplay says about 'Pac. "He stood for resilience; he's so resilient, he won't back down. That fire; watching him going through what he went through and still coming out on top on top, selling multi million albums... That's epic to me, that's a true living legend."

Later in the sit down interview, Gunplay dives further in to the concept of a living legend, the definition of the term in his eyes and why he considers himself one of the few who can tackle the term and embody it.

"I would describe the definition of 'living legend' as somebody, such as myself, that's been through so much adversity, whether it's my own fault or not my own fault, and hit rock bottom and came up and rose from the ashes," Gunplay says. "There's people out there that's been through worse than I have and they overcame those obstacles, those hurdles, that adversity. The odds, they beat it. And they're a living legend themselves. This is not just for me; I call myself that because my personal life has been a rollercoaster."

The first three episodes follow his early life as a drug dealer in Miamihow he eventually met Rick Ross and his path towards his own solo record deal with Def Jam. Check out the fourth installment above and don't miss the previous three, as well as part five, below. Cop Living Legend right here.