Gunna's lyrics recently fell flat at an Atlanta club as the crowd seemed disengaged when a song featuring Wunna came on.

On Sunday (June 4), a video surfaced online showing a crowd at a club in Atlanta appearing to be at a standstill once Gunna's hook comes on from the 21 Savage track "Can't Leave Without It."

Crowd Reacts to Gunna's Verse Being Played in Club

In the video, the caption reads, "Aye y'all the whole club came to a complete stop when they played Gunna," followed by three laughing emojis. You can also hear the man who is recording saying, "The whole club stopped when they played Gunna. They do not f**k with Gunna in Atlanta. Look at this s**t. Look how dead it is. This muthaf**ka was just jumping like hot cakes n***a. This s**t dead than a muthaf**ka."

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What Are the Gunna Lyrics?

While the recording is going on, you can hear the 21 Savage track playing in the background as Gunna's part on the song appears in the chorus, starting with, "Can't leave without it (I can't leave without it)/I keep a stick for the war (Stick)." It continues into the first half of his verse, as Gunna lyrics blast from the background, "Checks I deposit (Checks I deposit)/Money just stick with the boy, Cash in and cash out (Cash in and cash out)/I am not lookin' for clout (Nah)."

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Gunna Makes a Musical Comeback

On June 2, Gunna dropped "Bread & Butter," his first single and music video since being released from jail after making a plea deal in connection to the YSL RICO case. On the track, Wunna addresses his snitching allegations specifically in the second verse.

"Never gave no statement or agreed to take no stand on ’em," Wunna raps in the second verse. He then addresses being misled by the prosecutors and his attorney in the case, stating, "Lawyers and the DA did some sneaky s**t, I fell for it/On my Ps and Qs because this time, I am prepared for it, yeah," he rhymes."

You can now stream Gunna's "Bread & Butter" on all platforms and watch the music video on YouTube.

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