Merging Gucci Mane’s Atlanta-grown, Southern twang with V-Nasty’s hyphy sound of the Bay Area, two seemingly unlikely forces come together for the collaborative album, Baytl. While the beats don’t stray far from the rowdy synth, drum and keyboard sound that usually compliment Guch, the lyrical collaboration with V-Nasty is a below par, even for the ATL trap star.

As the MCs produce a collective work joining two styles and sides of the country, the end result is often cringe-worthy. With lyrics such as V’s “Every time you see me, you know I'm rockin' new shit/I got a new whip off of a new bitch," followed soon after by, "Hold up, I'm way better than the average/In my city, I ain't nothin' but a savage" ("Hate Me Some"), representing a general theme of rhymes with no clear definition, it's tough to get behind what's going on here, even if the novelty of the collab is somewhat enticing. The Ice Cream Man's bars are often fantastically poor in a disctinctly Gucci Mane way, but his cohort's off-kilter flow and curious sentence structure ultimately detract greatly.

Atlanta’s East Side bad boy and the Bay’s thugged-out White girl were inspired to compose an album highlighting their favorite things of the world and general goonery. Dedicating a song to a liquid courage that’s not alcohol, the two put together hooks like, “My favorite color purple/Sippin’ on that purple/Smokin’ on that purple/You ain’t got that purple/Get the fuck up out my circle” (“Out My Circle”).

This joint LP produces sub-par lyrics, multiple cartoon beats and a whole lot of, “What the hell did they just say?” Even with some serviceable production that could be the soundtrack to ignorant boisterousness, Baytl doesn't prove to be a winning combination. —Amber McKynzie