GloRilla boasts about her sex skills in an NSFW post on social media.

GloRilla Brags About Her Sex Game

On Tuesday (April 30), Big Glo shared a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, in which the Memphis rapper got a wee bit raunchy.

"Mfs luv talking about sex appeal baby f**k da sex appeal I got DA SEX dats what’s gone get ya n***a took in real life," she tweeted. "P***Y GOOD CHECK ion gotta do allat extra s**t Fym you h*es be sexy ash with no walls coochie dry asf f**k outta here."

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GloRilla Has Nip Slip During Arrest

GloRilla's NSFW message follows a viral NSFW moment for the CMG artist. Earlier this month, she was arrested for DUI in Gwinnett County, Ga., outside Atlanta. The arrest came after authorities pulled the rapper over for making an illegal U-turn. During the traffic stop, police noticed the smell of alcohol on Glo's breath and the scent of marijuana in the car.

Bodycam footage of the arrest has since surfaced and shows Glo accidentally exposing one of her breasts to the officers on the scene. Glo initially refused a field sobriety test but later conceded. After doing so, she was booked for DUI. She was released the same day on a $1,956 bond. The arrest came on the heels of Glo releasing her new mixtape, Ehhhthang, Ehhhthang, on April 5.

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Check out GloRilla's post bragging about her sex skills below.

See GloRilla's Post

Glorilla NSFW message.

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