Ever since Drake released his much-anticipated video to “Hotline Bling” last night, the world hasn’t gotten enough of Drake’s dance moves, wardrobe and the hot girls from his visual.

While Drake’s dance memes have taken a life of its own on the internet, Drizzy’s wardrobe selection for “Hotline Bling” has resulted in some funny memes as well. One item, however, that has gotten the most attention from viewers, is Drake’s oversized grey turtleneck, and although turtlenecks have not been in style for years, Drake’s influence on hip-hop culture and fashion, will more than likely persuade kids to start rocking turtlenecks this winter, after seeing the Canadian superstar sport the turtleneck with no worries.

With the video still being the topic of choice online, XXL has decided to pick out the best turtlenecks being sold right now, for fans of Drizzy to rock this winter as they get their two step on.