This week, G-Unit is promoting their new EP, The Beauty Of Independence. In an exclusive special with MTV News' Rob Markman, the entire group sit down for an hour-plus interview on Shade 45.

There were plenty of topics to talk about, including the reason why they are reuniting again, Banks' absence, and what Eminem means to hip-hop culture. Here are some more key bullet points from the interview:

Young Buck and 50 Cent's infamous phone conversation that was recorded.

Tony Yayo saying he thought G-Unit was over for good.

50 Cent's "Heat" and an example of Dr. Dre being a perfectionist in the studio. Other rappers (Rakim, Busta Rhymes) were originally supposed to have "Heat."

Ja Rule's story about beating up 50 Cent with a bat in his new book. “Why? It’s so old that it doesn’t make sense to talk about it. Fredo just came back and say something. These guys, I fucked them up bad," 50 says.

Elaborating on G-Unit being called "The Beatles of hip-hop."

Banks' thoughts on Bobby Shmurda getting big off his "Jackpot" beat.

50 Cent calling Drake personally to get the "0 to 100" instrumental.

What would it take to break up G-Unit again?