G Herbo and Southside's long-awaited joint project is finally here. Today (July 27), the Chicago rapper and the Atlanta trap general unload Swervo, a collaboration album nearly two years in the making. One look at the cover for the project, which is seemingly a re-creation of Eric B & Rakim's classic Follow the Leader cover, is all you need to see to realize that Herbo and Southside weren't playing around.

Combining Herbo's aggressive raps wth Southside's signature trap production, Swervo, which was preceded by its title track and "Focused," is an effort that could unite fans of two different rap subgenres.

"It's going to give me an entire different fan base. I feel like I'll be capturing the entire South with that project," Herbo explained to XXL last summer. "It's all about timing and just strategizing, making sure we're hitting A, B, C and all the way on to Z. I don't want to skip no steps or force nothing. Everything got to be natural and organic."

Looking at the Swervo tracklist, it's pretty easy to see how what Herbo is saying might be the case. On one track, there's a feature from his fellow 2016 XXL Freshman 21 Savage. On another, Herbo links up with Young Thug. In a nice hometown touch, he also made time to grab his fellow Chicagoans Juice Wrld and Chief Keef for features.

But enough talking. Listen to Swervo for yourself just below.

G Herbo and Southside's Swervo Tracklist

1. "Some Nights"
2. "Swervo" featuring Southside
3. "How I Grew Up" featuring 21 Savage
4. "FoReal"
5. "Catch Up" featuring Chief Keef
6. "Tweakin (Head)"
7. "Pac n Dre" featuring Southside
8. "Slaveship"
9. "Huh"
10. "100 Sticks" featuring Young Thug
11. "Honestly" featuring Juice Wrld
12. "Letter"
13. "Focused" featuring Southside [Bonus]
14. "Who Run It (Remix)" [Bonus]

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