Two 2016 XXL Freshmen are going in as G Herbo and Lil Uzi Vert link up on the new single "Everything." Listen to it below via SoundCloud.

Featuring ominous Southside production, "Everything" finds Herbo sorting through the different things he's going to find himself engaged in, from securing wealth for his mom to selling drugs in order to do that, to maybe shooting some people in between.

"Herbo, what you do for fun, bitch, everything/Herbo, what you gone do with that gun, bitch, everything/What kind of drugs you wanna run, bitch, everything/If you die what you gone leave your mom, bitch, everything," the Chicago rapper spits in the song.

For his part, Uzi, who's fresh off dropping his newest project, Luv Is Rage 2, turns in an extra-aggressive verse on the grimy track. "My new whip, that bitch, it came with everything/I'ma turn that boy into a heavy stain/Whipping up that dope, yeah, that's that heavy cream/I been fucking on your bitch since I was 17," he spits on the track, blending in seamlessly with the tone G Herbo sets for the track.

Fans have been waiting for G Herbo's official debut album Humble Beast for what feels like forever, but G Herbo wants you to know great things take time—especially great rap albums. If all goes according to plan, his project will emit the same excellence as those from rap gods like JAY-Z and Nas.

“My album is taking so long because it’s gon’ be perfect,” he told us while stopping through the XXL headquarters recently. “I want my album to put you in the mind of Reasonable Doubt and Illmatic. That’s what I want my album to resemble, so it’s gon’ take time. You can’t rush it.”

Word. Listen to "Everything" below. You can cop it on iTunes as well, and if you missed it, peep another new song Herbo dropped this week, "Legend," also produced by Southside.

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