In a year where celebs showing zero chill has basically become the norm, Funkmaster Flex has made a late push to be the king of reckless behavior. This morning (Dec. 29), the legendary DJ used his Twitter account to throw some shots at Drake for allegedly dating Jennifer Lopez, who used to date Diddy.

According to the New York stalwart, Drizzy is dating J. Lo in order to get back at Diddy, a person he allegedly got into a physical altercation with back in 2014. In one tweet, Flex says, "JLo is nice.. but my mans hit 17yrs ago.. these new sensitive nigga think we sweat pussy like them.. nah."

In another tweet, Flex noted that Drizzy and J. Lop uploaded their supposed romance-confirming Instagram pics on the day of the infamous nightclub shooting Diddy and J. Lo found themselves at the center of back in 1999. Flex tweeted, "Doggy saved the pic for the anniversary and everything!!! Haaaa! Wow! Sensitive new nigga fail!." The Twitter reactions have been hilarious, and you can see them for yourself in our gallery up top.

Just the other day, Drizzy uploaded an intimate pic of himself and J. Lo cozied up, and fans immediately took that to be a confirmation of their new romance. While Drizzy and the "Love Don't Cost a Thing" performer have yet to say anything, plenty of other people have, and as you can see, Flex is one of them. Neither Drake nor Diddy have responded to Flex's comments, but the two allegedly patched up their differences this past summer.

Flex and Drake don't exactly have a good history together. Back in 2015, Flex played reference tracks Quentin Miller recorded for Drizzy's album If You're Reading This It's Too Late, thus adding fueld to Drizzy's summer 2015 ghostwriting scandal. About two weeks ago, Flex showed everyone that he still isn't feeling the Toronto rapper.

J. Lo and Diddy have now been broken up for almost 20 years, and Diddy has also been dating Cassie for quite a while now, so we doubt he'll have much to say about Flex's recent comments.

Check out Flex's reaction above and see what the fans have to say below.

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