The tragic demise is not abrupt, but rather the one marked by a slow, unnoticed decay. One day you wake up, wondering where the years went; you stare at the mirror, the scale, your high school yearbook. And as the maxim says, you can never really go back home--your old haunts are populated by ghosts and dreams deferred. But some things are permanent. Some things are forever. Some things are Dipset.

Today (Jan. 1), Funkmaster Flex took to Instagram to hail the return of the world's foremost mink experts. According to Flex, the reunion--one confirmed by Cam'ron, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana--will consist of a five-stop club tour, hosted by Flex and featuring the illustrious Diplomats on stage together at last. Finally, a mixtape (once again hosted by Flex) of new material will be issued at the tour's conclusion.

A very pink 2015 kicks off this coming Monday night (Jan. 5), when Dipset takes over Hot 97 for five hours. That's not enough time to roll back your hairline or your credit card debt, but that doesn't mean you can't fire your tailor and pretend it's 2002. They told y'all before. They showed y'all before.