If you told French Montana ten years ago that he'd be sitting across the table from longtime journalist and TV host Larry King, he probably would have looked at you like you were crazy.

But here we are.

During his heavy media blitz lately promoting the new Wave Gods mixtape, the Bronx rapper found himself on the set of Larry King Now. In a preview for the show, King asks the Coke Boy about Kanye West and why he changed the title of his album from Waves to The Life of Pablo.

"A friend of mine, his name is Max B, he's incarcerated right now doing 75 years, 'waves' was his thing," said Montana. "That's how everyone knew him, his nickname was 'Silver Surfer.' I just felt like a lot of people that followed the movement took offense to that because it looked like [Kanye] took his whole style. He actually didn't know about Max B. When I spoke to [Kanye] and gave him all the info about Max B, Max B ended up being on Kanye's album. He changed it to The Life of Pablo but he still put Max B on the album because he has another song called 'Waves.'"

French was on "The Breakfast Club" earlier this week and revealed that Yeezy is trying to help Max get his release date pushed up. “We workin’ on something," he said. "I want to keep it under wraps until we put it together but we’ve definitely been on the phone damn near everyday trying to put something together for my boy.”

The Larry King Now interview will air in full March 14 on Ora TV.

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