Finesse2tymes spent a great deal of his life behind bars—half of his life to be exact. His circumstances built character, embedded vigilance within himself and a demeanor that's tough like teflon. After being released from prison, he kicked his rapping aspirations into full gear. The Memphis native had already gained momentum in his hometown, but it was tracks like “Back End,” “If You Still Wit Me” featuring Lil Baby and “Get Even” that earned him attention and acclaim, not to mention his entrancing southern drawl and distinct pronunciations. All that leads up to this moment: Finesse's 2023 XXL Freshman freestyle.

2023 XXL Freshman Finesse2tymes, 31, has a story to tell, in which he utilizes nostalgia to the fullest extent. In his freestyle, the rapper takes it back to elementary and high school days, where beating your hand on the lunchroom table to create the vibe for a freestyle was the primary way to spit in front of peers. For Finesse, he grabs a nearby stool and beats upon the top of it with his fist, adding depth to the imagery he's created within his rhymes.

"The labels didn't want nothin' to do with me/Say I'm a gangsta, I'm a liability/Every time I turn around, nigga tryna get on, so they rap about killin' me/Expressin' my feelings to b***hes when I was locked up, but they still wasn't feelin' me/They were callin' it jail talk/They were handlin' me like I fell off/Now it's water on me/All the way to my feet/Now it's water on me, all the way to me feet, when I'm walkin' in it like I sailed off," he spits.

Finesse2tymes then name-drops Iggy Azalea and Ice-T's wife, Coco Austin. "Yesterday, I was feigning for a White b***h/Had me tryin' to knock Iggy Azalea off/Threw the missile at Coco or somethin'/Ice on my T, so I know she gon' f**k with me/Kicked her straight out the spot/I ain't got no feelings/B***hes thinkin' I box, I don't kick it/You don't get it," he raps.

Touching on his social media spectators, Finesse wastes no time calling out those individuals, along with women who have been seeking his attention and vice versa. "The n***as like donations/B***hes wanna see me like she got me on probation/Police-ass n***as, they stalkin' my pages/They want me under investigation/They'll see you do better and that make ’em hate ya/Won't even tell you congratulations/I'm a boss, but I don't give out applications/I don't f**k with nobody, I'm masturbatin'/Whether I rock a Finesse set, the baguette set, Vapor Maxes, I'm doing it/I just landed in first class, she was bad, so I pulled off with the stewardess," he raps.

Finesse2tymes has the streets, clubs, car and bluetooth speakers, and more on lock with his breakout singles. He's also offered several mixtapes, such as Hustle & Flow, Goin’ Straight In, Federal 4 Real Free Finesse, 90 Days and the deluxe to the aforementioned effort, 90 Days Later. This is only the beginning, though, as rapping is a craft Finesse2tymes takes seriously. In less than a year, he's elevated while putting on his home team as well as the men he was incarcerated with. He's proof of perseverance and defying the odds.

As he prepares to drop several new tracks this summer, and release his debut album by the end of the year, watch Finesse2tymes spit over 60 seconds worth of bars in his 2023 XXL Freshman freestyle below.

Watch Finesse2tymes' 2023 XXL Freshman Freestyle

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