Finesse2Tymes is proudly in a polyamorous relationship and recently sparked debate online when he shared photos of his three girlfriends in a Mother's Day post on social media.

On Sunday (May 14), Finesse2Tymes commemorated Mother's Day by putting up a series of photos on Instagram. Three of the six photos in the carousel show the rapper posing with his three significant others. "Chocolate, Caramel, Or Red , Long as she bout that bread," Finesse captioned the photos.

The images have sparked a debate online over Finesse's poly lifestyle.

"Trifling," one person on Twitter reacted.

"Clearly got no self-respect. What's up with these women?" another person questioned.

Others praised Finesse2Tymes.

"I salute you sir," someone else posted.

"Mood," another Twitter user wrote.

Finesse2Tymes opened up about dating three women at the same time during an interview on Angela Yee's Lip Service podcast back in March.

"I'm such a gentlemen and ladies' man, it was kinda easy," Finesse explained of the arrangement. "I done had all of them tell me this separately. They like, 'It's kinda easy to accept what come with you because you so humble and so, you know, down to Earth. It's kinda easy. I don't ask for nothing but help from my women anyway."

He later added to the topic: "I felt like it was weird at first like, 'Ain't no woman gonna accept that.' But I thought about my past life and like, women ain't gonna accept that but it's a difference between being a h*e and a woman. A h*e gonna accept it because it's they job to accept other h*es but it ain't no woman's job to accept other women. So, for me to present that, it was kinda weird."

Previous to having three girlfriends, Finesse2Tymes dated rapper Erica Banks.

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