Fetty Wap's smash hit "Trap Queen" absolutely dominated 2015. According to TMZ, a Danish songwriter says he owns exclusive rights to the instrumental, and, as a result, he's suing Fetty.

Lazar Lakic claims he purchased the "Hello" beat from producer Tony Fadd prior to Fadd sampling the instrumental for "Trap Queen." According to Lakic's lawsuit, Fadd attempted to buy back the rights to the instrumental in January 2015 - after "Trap Queen" was released. Of course, "Trap Queen" ultimately went 4x platinum in the United States, and Lakic says he never got a percentage of the earnings.

According to TMZ, Fetty's attorney Navarro Gray says Fetty legally bought the beat from Fadd, and the Paterson, N.J. rapper has the contract to prove everything. Gray explains that, if Lakic is awarded damages from the lawsuit, Fetty is going to ask Fadd to cover it. In addition to suing for damages, Lakic is also attempting to have all copies of "Trap Queen" destroyed and all sales of "Trap Queen" stopped. Those final two requests are pretty laughable.

Keep it locked to XXL as more information about this situation emerges. In other Fetty-related news, the "My Way" artist recently missed a concert at Syracuse University, which left students annoyed and frustrated due to the late notice of the cancellation. The students went off on social media. One user typed, “Being a student is a struggle. But I spent $20 anyway to see you and you didn’t even show up to the fucking concert. You ain’t shit, Fetty. This will be the beginning of the end for you. #FettyFLOP.” Another IG account got even more savage, writing, “FUCK U BUMASS ONE EYED BITCH.”

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