Fetty Wap fans are not happy with the Paterson, N.J. artist. The "My Way" singer cancelled his set at Syracuse's Juice Jam concert, and as a result, students are taking to Instagram to cuss Fetty out.

The Remy Boyz frontman was supposed to hit the stage at 5 p.m., but he failed to show up. At 5:40 p.m., someone apparently made an announcement saying that Fetty wouldn't be coming and that the show was cancelled. TheShadeRoom compiled some of the angry Instagram comments, which you can view above, and if you hit Fetty's IG, you can see fans throwing oranges in his comments and disparaging him for the no-show.

One user types, "Being a student is a struggle. But I spent $20 anyway to see you and you  didn't even show up to the fucking concert. You ain't shit, Fetty. This will be the beginning of the end for you. #FettyFLOP." Another IG account got even more savage, writing, "FUCK U BUMASS ONE EYED BITCH." A third IG user kept it simple, stating, "You're a butt face." The school released a statement saying, "Due to unforeseen travel delays today, Fetty Wap was unable to arrive at our venue at the agreed time."

In music-related news, the "RGF Island" rapper/crooner recently teamed up with his friend and frequent collaborator Monty for "Right Back." The track will appear on Monty's forthcoming solo project. Fetty sings, “She like Zoovie come right back/I’m so stuck in my ways/And I be missing for days/Shit that go on in my brain/Feel like I’m stuck in a maze/You see the night always day/And I thought I could have everything, baby."

As aforementioned, you can view the Instagram comments above.

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