It looks like Fetty Wap needs a new trap queen. The "My Way" artist's girlfriend Alexis Sky went on Twitter today to proclaim that their relationship was over. The tweets, which have since been deleted, were captured by Worldstar Hip Hop's Instagram account.

"I was in love with someone who just did me dirty constantly I had to realize that I deserve better so I will do better I'm too amazing," Alexis Sky wrote in the series of since deleted tweets. "I'm not going to play victim I did some fucked up shit to and said some fucked up shit but I kept it 100 the whole time. No more 1738 lol [sic]."

This public break up puts a sour end on an interesting week for Fetty Wap. Earlier in the week, rumors spread the New Jersey native got his chain snatched. Fetty felt compelled to address the rumors as he went online to prove he still was in possession of his chain.

"I don’t really do the little rumors shit, had to address some shit,” Fetty Wap said in a video posted on Twitter. “N—as keeping talking they go Zoovie Zoo’s chain, man. You got my chain? Tell me where you get my chain? Show me where you got my shit from? Cause y’all motherfuckers is frauding. You fraud ass n—as, man. Where the fuck did you get Zoovie’s chain from? You do not have my fucking chain. Stop your shenanigans. Stop fucking lying."

Fetty was also filmed with his newborn baby girl at her first doctor's appointment earlier this week. Masika Kalysha is the mother and the two have amended whatever problems they had in the past.

Fetty Wap might have his chain, but he lost the woman by his side. The search for a new trap queen begins.

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