Father is back with a new single. The Awful Records just dropped his sophomore album I'm a Piece of Shit back in March yet returns with a track called "Heartthrob" produced by Meltycanon. The song is quite catchy with a bubbly beat that Father flows over in his lackadaisical style.

"Rock with it, lean with it/Styrofoam with lean in it/Party not popping unless my whole fucking team in it/Glenwood, hitting juggs/Niggas wish that they was good/But niggas couldn't keep it real/But I don't hold no ill will/I ain't got no ana, and you ain't got no stamina/So nigga don't you come at me/We know you ain't got no family/You ain't got no crew/Cause they don't keep it real with you/Niggas keep it real with me/Despite all of my savagery," Father raps on the opening verse.

Father and Awful Records' rise in the rap game was recently profiled in a great documentary put together by Boiler Room TV. The team behind the short film spoke about their experience working with the Atlanta-based collective.

"We spent a lot of last December in Atlanta, hanging out with all the guys at Awful," they said. "It was an incredible experience—a bizarre, fascinating culture shock—at times euphoric, at others, hard work. We had to adapt to the crazy, timeless black hole that is Fat’s house in East ATL, but in doing so we got to see the true workings of one of the most fucked-up, crazy and ridiculously productive environments we’ve ever experienced."

If you have not seen Awful Days, make sure to watch it as its just 30 minutes in run time. The documentary takes you into the early days of Awful Records and shows how Father created such a tight-knit crew.

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