Fat Trel is still behind bars, but luckily for fans, that fact is not stopping him from releasing new music. The Washington, D.C. rapper links up with Chicago’s own Lil Durk, who is fresh off his Love Songs for the Streets mixtape, for the new song “Rain.” Both artists utilize Auto-Tuned vocals on the piano-driven Yung Lan production.

“You don’t be wanting no problems, I promise, but we not ashamed/She probably fucking with me cause I’m gleeshy, you is a lame/Go getcha umbrella/I probably pop off them Berettas/My new bitch is yella/But she getting money, it’s short for the chedda,” Trel raps on the opening verse.

The melodic track is a reminder that Trel's still got bars even though his career has been stalled since he's serving time in jail. Though his prison release date is unknown, the MC recently provided fans with an update on his legal situation. The “All My Life” rapper recorded a message, which was sent out via his Instagram account.

“What it do, man,” he said. “It’s the kid Fat Trel. Still holding it down for the real niggas in the struggle. Trouble don’t last always, only tough niggas do, ya heard me. I’ll be back real soon, man. It’s still Slutty Boyz ’til I die. Double MG, y’all already know what the fuck it do. Shout out to the whole squad. I’ll be back, man. Gang.”

Hopefully, Trel won’t be in jail for much longer. In the meantime, fans can listen to his new song “Rain” featuring Lil Durk below.

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