Thugger has responded to Badu's flattering comparison. Check what he had to say below.

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Is Young Thug the new version of the legendary André 3000? That's not a comparison too many people have made, but the cover for Thugger's latest project, titled Jeffery, has Erykah Badu thinking about the Outkast member. The Neo-Soul legend tweeted as much on Friday morning (Aug. 26).

"Amazing Thugger," reads Badu's tweet. "Reminds me of a certain ATLien I know," she continues. Although 3 Stacks and Thugger don't rhyme their words the same way, both have repeatedly shown a willingness to push boundaries in terms of style, sound and dress. We get the sense that that is what Badu is referring to, and considering that she used to be married to the "Hey Ya" peformer, she's definitely in a position to make that comparison.

Our bet is that Thugger appreciates Badu's words. Jeffery shows that the 25-year-old has a ton of reverence for his favorite musicians. The project's tracklist features the names of artists and other celebrities he admires most. 3 Stacks didn't get a song named after him, but maybe he'll make it onto another album. You check out the Jeffery tracklist below, and you can check out Thugger's newest project here.

1. “Wyclef Jean (**** The Brakes)”
2. “Floyd Mayweather” (Lil ****)”
3. “Swizz Beatz” (Love)”
4. “Future Swag (Baby Mama)”
5. “RiRi (Work)”
6. “Guwop (Ya Digg)”
7. “Harambe (Stack It Up)”
8. “Webbie (She Been Suckin’)”
9. “Popman (Wet Wet)”

Bonus Track

10."Pick Up the Phone" (with Travis Scott featuring Quavo)

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