The general public was taken aback when news broke out about Eminem walking another one of his kids down the aisle earlier this month. Since the birth of his now 27-year-old daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers, the "Lose Yourself" MC has remained slightly tight-lipped about his other children. Which brings up the question: How many kids does Eminem have?

On Monday (June 20), the Daily Mail reported that Eminem attended his other daughter's wedding earlier this month. Although Em's children have remained out of the limelight, fans have discovered that the rapper has two other children named Alaina "Lainey" Marie Scott and Stevie Laine Mathers. The news resurfaced after Scott posted a since-deleted picture of her and her two sisters on Instagram. The photo sees Stevie and Hailie as Alaina's bridesmaids.  

Eminem adopted Scott, the biological daughter of the late Dawn Scott, the twin sister of Kim Scott, Eminem's ex-wife. Stevie Laine Mathers, however, is Kim's biological child with another man. Stevie, whose original name is Whitney, was born when Kim and Em were separated. Hailie is the only biological child of Eminem and his ex-wife. Hailie has been mentioned several times in the rapper's music, starting with "97 Bonnie and Clyde" via his 1999 The Slim Shady EP.

XXL has found extra details about Eminem's three children Alaina "Lainey" Marie Scott, Stevie Laine Mathers and Hailie Jade. Here's everything you need to know about Eminem's other kids.

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Alaina "Lainey" Marie Scott Identified After Wedding

Alaina "Lainey" Marie Scott is Eminem's oldest daughter. She was adopted by Eminem and his ex-wife Kim in the 1990s after her mom, Dawn Scott, died of an overdose. On June 9, Alaina tied the knot with Matt Moeller. Aside from being a newlywed, Scott is also a plus-size blogger and a PR executive. 

Who Is Stevie Laine Mathers?

Born Whitney, Stevie Laine Mathers is the biological child of Kim Scott and her one-time partner Eric Hartter, who Eminem adopted. Last August, the 21-year-old hopped on their TikTok and asked fans to "call me Stevie" in the video below. Stevie is also an aspiring artist. 

Who Is Hailie Jade? 

Hailie Jade Mathers is Eminem's most well-known daughter. Although the rapper has rapped about her on early records like "Hailie's Song" and "Mockingbird," there's more to the 27-year-old. Hailey Jade is the only biological child of Eminem and his late ex-wife, Kim Scott. Last July, she announced the debut of her podcast on Instagram, Just a Little Shady. On the very first episode of Just a Little Shady, Hailie unveiled what it's like to be the daughter of a well respected hip-hop star. 

"It's so fun to look back … thinking back as an adult, I'm like, 'Wow, that's so, so surreal,' " Hailie said. "And those memories of me thinking those were normal things, now I look back like, 'Holy crap, that was cool.'"

Hailie also got engaged back in February to her longtime boyfriend Evan McClintock. The two met in 2016 while attending Michigan State University.

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Eminem Speaks on Fatherhood 

Since the birth of his daughter, Hailie, Eminem has taken the dad role wholeheartedly. During an interview with Rolling Stone in 2004, the rapper explained the dynamic shift between being a hip-hop phenomenon and a father. 

"Bein' a dad is definitely living a double life. As far back as I can remember, even before Hailie was born, I was a firm believer in freedom of speech. I never wanted to compromise that, my artistic integrity," Eminem said. "But once I hit them gates where I live, that's when I'm Dad. Takin' the kids to school, pickin' 'em up, teachin' 'em rules. I'm not sayin' I'm the perfect father, but the most important thing is to be there for my kids and raise them the right way."

No matter the circumstance, Eminem vows to be there for his kids.

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