The recording of Run The Jewels 3 seems to being going well. El-P provided fans with another update today (May 31) as he played a snippet of his verse from Run The Jewels' highly anticipated album. The veteran rapper/producer seemed particularly enamored with one line as he used the lyric "I got a unicorn horn for a cock" as the caption to the Instagram video.

There is still no release date for the Run The Jewels 3 at this point, but it appears that the project is nearing its completion. Back in March, El-P provide an update that said he and Killer Mike were halfway done with the album. He also noted that putting the album out in 2016 would be a realistic goal for the duo.

"Pleased to report #RTJ3 is halfway done," El-P wrote. "The goal of a 2016 release is achievable and a safer, more profitable global economy in our grasp. I would also like to report that Killer Mike and myself can apparently smoke almost a half pound of weed in 2 weeks, shocking even myself."

Run The Jewels may be busy at work on their new LP, but that has not stopped them from revisiting their previous work for some new music videos. Last month saw the duo release music videos for their tracks "Love Again" and "Crown." Killer Mike and El-P also saw their song "Oh My Darling Don't Cry" used in a promotional video for Marvel's new Black Panther comic written by acclaimed journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates.

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