Since Meek Mill made allegations that Drake uses a ghostwriter, Aubrey has been pretty quiet on the matter, aside from a small Instagram interaction. Now that's OVO-ver as Drizzy has released a new song called "Charged Up" addressing the rumors, and clearing the air.

Drizzy issued the response on his segment of this week's Beats 1's OVO Sound Radio. The T. Dot rapper doesn't mention any names but leaves no question as to who or what he is addressing with bars like, "I see you niggas having trouble going gold/Come and live all your dreams at OVO." And, "No woman ever had me star struck/Or was able to me get my bars up."

He doesn't quit with the slick subliminals there. "Need DJ Clue to drop a bomb on it/None of them want this more than I want it," seems like a shot aimed at his lead detractor at the moment DJ Funkmaster Flex who is hell bent on destroying Drizzy's credibility.

There's more.

Listen to "Charged Up," below

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