Update: Mo-G has deleted all the videos going at Drake and OVO from his Instagram account. Did someone write him a check or did he just think better of it?

Original Story:

The brewing beef between Toronto rapper Mo-G and OVO continues to escalate as the rapper continues his crusade against Drake and his business partner Oliver El-Khatib.

Earlier this week, Mo took to Instagram and in a series of posts he called out Drizzy and Oliver for not paying him for his alleged ghostwriting services. "Have you ever heard in the history of hip-hop that mad niggas use creativity that helps make Billboard hits but doesn't get paid a dollar, or one credit and still are stuck in the hood?" he asked. "It doesn't make sense. But exposing these niggas will make sense. Fuck these bitch ass niggas, it's on."

The Halal Gang MC has been linked to Drake and OVO in the past and OVO even helped fund the rapper's debut EP, Ave Boy. Now Mo, who has been shouted out by Drake on Instagram and had his music played on the popular OVO Sound Radio show on Beats 1, is continuing to keep the rumors of Drake using ghostwriters alive. The Canadian rapper returned to Instagram today (March 22) and posted a supposed DM conversation between him and Drizzy where Drake asks Mo-G for a voice recording to use on his upcoming Views From the 6 album.

"This is a title of a song on Views," wrote Mo-G in the caption. "After I did this shit Oliver put me in the studio and he said they need new hooks, new flows and bars and shit...I didn't wanna be on these niggaz' album cuz I'm not a slave-only slave of Allah, not the fake ass "6 God." It only gets deeper. Stop playing with me little Forest Hill creature."

Mo-G also posted a screenshot of a Genius annotation of Drake's "Summer '16" that credits Mo for inspiring Drizzy's "Ginobili" dance move in the "Energy" video. Mo-G is seen hitting the "Ginobili" in his video for "Still."

The shots thrown by Mo-G are a far cry from the praise he bestowed upon Drake during an MTV News segment that highlighted the Toronto hip-hop scene. "[Drake] put on for Canada," he said in his appearance. "He gave niggas that USA passport. It's not easy for a Canadian rapper to be out there in America, it's a big field, it's tough. He did it, he's the biggest rapper in the game right now. He's a legend."

When it comes to anything involving Drake, every move he makes is under a microscope, especially when it comes to ghostwriting claims. The superstar MC took to Instagram earlier today (March 22) and posted a photo of himself along with the quote, "The bright lights are supposed to inspire you not fry your brain." The line, which is found on OVO member Gilla Tha Don's Instagram, could be interpreted as a shot at Mo-G.

Will Drizzy escalate the beef directly or ignore the claims by Mo-G? Only time will tell.

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