The ascendance of Pi'erre Bourne, producer extraordinaire, continues. Just about two weeks after Pi'erre told the world he was collaborating with Drake, Drizzy himself confirmed that the two have, indeed, worked on some music together.

During a recent Instagram live session for Bourne's studio session, Drizzy left a comment responding to a IG user asking if he was going to send Bourne a verse. To that question, the Toronto rapper commented, "Me and Pi'erre already got one." So, yes, Drizzy and Bourne do have some music in the stash. When we will get it remains anyone's guess.

Speaking with Billboard a couple weeks ago, Bourne, who produced Playboi Carti's ubiquitous hit, "Magnolia," showed just how far he'd come in the music industry by rattling off a list of rap superstars he'd worked with recently.

"After this, I got a couple other songs I'll be putting out," he said at the time. "I'm going to finish working on my project. Getting Carti's album going, working on Drake's album, me and 21 Savage got stuff blowing up. I want to branch off and do other things. I want to do other things than music, but I'm just excited for these opportunities. I know it's going to be a big year."

Drizzy's also gearing up for a big year. A few months ago he confirmed that he was working on his next album. Now it's just a matter of when it comes out. Considering his tendency to adopt and reinvent the sounds of today, we're sure it will be some cutting-edge stuff. It also feels likely that Bourne will be a part of it.

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