All of Donald Trump's dirty laundry seems to be coming out at once, with the latest tarnish on his record coming in the form of a racial slur he reportedly used in reference to Lil Jon.

The Atlanta producer was a cast member on the 13th season of Trump's reality game show, Celebrity Apprentice, and was repeatedly called an "Uncle Tom" by the presidential hopeful, staff members on the show recently told TheDailyBeast.

During he alleged incident, Jon dressed up as Uncle Sam for a challenge on the show. Upon seeing his getup, Trump reportedly yelled out, “Look, he’s Uncle Tom!”

Jon, as well as other Black cast member Arsenio Hall, took offense to the term, and the higher ups had to beg Trump, who seemed oblivious, to stop using it. “One of the executive producers had to call him up directly to [plead with] him not to say it, and Trump was like, ‘No, that’s a saying, it’s Uncle Tom.,’" the source said. "There are several takes in the footage of the dailies that has him trying to figure out the difference between ‘Uncle Tom’ and Uncle Sam. He just couldn’t grasp that it was offensive… When [Trump] decides he wants to do something, that’s his way.”

Lil Jon has since responded to the report, confirming that Trump did indeed call him an "Uncle Tom." "When this 'Uncle Tom' incident happened on Celebrity Apprentice, in the boardroom, several of my cast mates and I addressed Mr. Trump immediately when we heard the comment," he wrote on Twitter. "I can't say if he knew what he was actually saying or not, but he did stop using that term once we explained in offensiveness. I also want to be clear that I don't agree with many of the statements Mr. Trump has said during his current run for President."

Just yesterday (Oct. 14), Trump was called out by rapper Rapsody over misogynistic comments he made that were recently brought to light.

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