After months of speculations, Doja Cat has finally come out and revealed that she has joined the illuminati.

Doja Cat Claims She Joined the Illuminati in Hilarious Photos

On Saturday (Aug. 12), Doja Cat hopped on her Instagram page and posted a series of animated photos where she claims that she has joined the illuminati. While many of her fans think that she is a member of the mysterious secret society, the pop superstar's hilarious photos appear to be in jest.

In her photo series, Doja is bald-headed and looks like an alien. In one pic, the 27-year-old artist is sitting on a pink bed with her hands raised in the air like a messiah. She is surrounded by words that proclaim her new status: "Illuminatits," "I think my cat is illuminati" and the rotating announcement: "I joined the illuminati."

In another photo, an alien-looking Doja Cat is in her bathroom, smiling and posing with a fake cigarette in her mouth and two fingers raised in a peace sign. The photo also features animated cartoon figures of an alien, a spaceship and Hello Kitty.

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Doja Cat Fans Thinks She Really Is the Illuminati

This isn't the first time Doja Cat has toyed with her fans about being a part of the illuminati.

Back in February of this year, the "Say So" rapper announced on Twitter that she found the illuminati rumors hilarious and she is going to do some outlandish antics in the public eye just to mess with the haters.

"This Illuminati s**t is so funny to me," she tweeted. "I'm gonna keep doing deliberate weird ass s**t to make those people uncomfortable. I've [for real] found a new outlet of joy."

Doja Cat has kept her word. From her out-of-this world "Doja Inferno" look at Paris Fashion Week to her eye-catching cat costume at the 2023 Met Gala to her recent "thirst trap" photo on IG (see below), the Grammy-winning rapper-singer continues to surprise her fans with her creative and weird antics.

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See Doja Cat's latest photo series below.

Check Out Doja Cat's Hilarious Illuminati Photos on Instagram Below

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