It appears Doja Cat is heading in a completely different musical direction.

On Saturday (April 8), Doja Cat hopped on her Twitter account and acknowledged that her rap lyrics were "mid and corny" and revealed her new vision for her music. "No more pop," the "Woman" rapper tweeted before admitting her past lyrics may have been subpar.

"[I] also agree with everyone who said the majority of my rap verses are mid and corny,” she wrote addressing her critics. "I know they are. I wasnt trying to prove anything I just enjoy making music but I'm getting tired of hearing yall say that i can’t so I will."

When a fan asked Doja if her change to rap was because of fans always criticizing her pop sound, the Grammy Award-winning artist responded, "pop isnt exciting to me anymore. I dont wanna make it."

Doja then tweeted out some images of audio tracks she is currently writing to. One of the songs is titled "Wet Vagina" and "AGORA HILLS." She captioned it with two writing hands emojis.

Some of Doja Cat's fans have come to her defense and said that her lyrics were never corny. Others applaud the 27-year-old artist's musical shift.

"[Doja's] verses where never mid and there’s nothing wrong with a little pop with rap… she needs to stop discrediting herself," tweeted one person.

Another user commented: "[I've] been saying so long that y'all writing doja cat off as a rapper is stupid asl but like i'm sorry most of the new girlies couldn't make the cake verse like she is a rappeerrrr."

"[Doja] cat making a full rap album is exactly what i hoped she would do. mad excited for this ngl," tweeted a third person.

In a 2020 interview with XXL, Doja Cat said that she wanted to be taken seriously as a rapper.

"Deep down, I take myself very seriously, but on the outside I like to make people feel like it’s OK to be who the f**k you are because that’s what I do," she told the publication. "I think it’s OK to be lighthearted in your career. Don’t be afraid to relax and make a f**king joke once in a while."

It looks like Doja Cat is ready to rap.

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