DJ Muggs & Roc Marciano deliver a new project. Today (Oct. 19), the two dropped off Kaos, a highly anticipated joint LP that will also serve as the soundtrack to a movie they've got coming out next spring.

Kaos kicks things off with the intro "Kaos Theme," which includes an instrumental and chorus that sound like something out of a blaxsploitation film. From there, the LP drifts into "Dolph Lundgren," a track that sees Marciano flaunt his signature ruthlessness over soft piano.

"Don't let this silky soft skin fool ya/My heart is cooler than winters in Vancouver/Pull the grand coup up, it's brand new like Grand Puba/I keep good shooters, we like the Indiana Hoosiers," Roc Marci spits on the track.

As we mentioned up top, Kaos is all set to act as the soundtrack to a film Muggs and Roc Marciano are acting in together. In the movie, the two are childhood friends who are looking to reclaim the block after Muggs returns from a 10-year prison sentence. Sounds pretty intense—just like the album that was made for it.

Listen to Kaos for yourself below. Revisit Roc Marciano's excellent Behold a Dark Horse album when you're done.

DJ Muggs & Roc Marciano Kaos Album Tracklist

1.  "Kaos Theme"
2.  "Dolph Lundgren"
3.  "White Dirt"
4.  "The E Train"
5.  "Aunt Bonnie"
6.  "Rolls Royce Rugs"
7.  "Caught A Lick"
8.  "Wild Oats"
9.  "Shit I’m On"
10. "Wormhole"

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Soul Assassins Records

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