The rap world is buzzing from what they witnessed at the historic Pop Out - Ken & Friends Concert in Inglewood Calif. last night, and DJ Hed is the one who set the tone. DJ Hed speaks with XXL in an exclusive interview about Kendrick Lamar's historical concert, the advice he gave K-Dot backstage and more.

The Carson, Calif.-bred radio DJ kicked off the Juneteenth celebration at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles last night with an enlivened 45-minute set that included appearances from some of the West Coast's up-and-coming talents. Remble, Ray Vaughn, Jay Worthy & Meet The Whoops, Westside Boogie, BlueBucksClan and more took the stage to shake the relaxed crowd into a lit frenzy.

DJ Hed capped off his set with an appearance from local legend Tommy The Clown, which was so exciting Vince Staples joked he would have canceled the whole tour he's on right now just to hit The Pop Out stage alongside Tommy.

While DJ Hed may not be a nationally known name like a Mustard or a Kendrick, Hed explained to XXL that he's personally known Dot for years, having met him at a special performance in Houston back in 2008. Regardless of that homegrown TDE connection, Hed still said he was just honored to be considered.

"Getting that call it was like, 'This feels good it makes sense, and I'm grateful,'" DJ Hed told XXL. "I'm not one of those people who feel like I'm supposed to be there."

The biggest moment of the night came of course when Kendrick performed "Not Like Us" five times in a row, which Hed said he did not see coming. Despite the anti-Drake energy in the audience, Hed noted there was no bad-mouthing going on about Drake prior to the event.

"This was a pro us," Hed said. "It wasn't anti-anybody."

As the night unfolded, Hed said he merely tried to bask in the moment and enjoy what he was blessed to be a part of. However, he still can't comprehend what actually just happened. His part in the experience is already paying off in big ways though. On Thursday (June 20), Hed announced his new weekly radio show on SiriusXM titled "Effective Immediately" with Gina Views.

"I'm gonna be honest with you, I couldn't sleep," Hed said of the experience. "I've been up all night. I still probably won't understand what I was a part of for years to come."

He also spent some time with K-Dot backstage, and offered him some words of wisdom.

“Bro when you go you out there, this is it, this is the moment," Hed said he told Kendrick. "Own the moment this ain’t about nobody else, this ain’t about nobody, it’s not about me… This is your moment, I want you to go out there and I really want you to just own that s**t."

"Say less," Kendrick replied.

Watch the full interview below where DJ Hed talks about his relationship to TDE, how that legendary photo came about, the previous animosity within Black Hippy and what he told Kendrick Lamar in his dressing room.

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