Destroy Lonely had to yell at Swedish authorities after they were pushing and preventing fans from forming a mosh pit.

What Happened at Destroy Lonely's Show?

On Friday (June 30), Swedish hip-hop magazine Dopest posted a video (see at the bottom of the post) on their Instagram page showing Destroy Lonely screaming at Swedish authorities after they busted up fans ready to wild out in a mosh pit during his concert performance. In the clip, you can see fans at a standstill as security is not allowing a mosh pit to form.

Destroy Lonely saw what was happening onstage and had to intervene.

"Stop the music, stop the music," he told his DJ before addressing the Swedish authorities. "Yo, what the f**k going on? Yo, let my people rock out bro. I ain't gonna lie."

"Why are they trying to...why are they hitting my mosh pit like that?" he asked later.

Destroy then demanded the crowd kick security out of the mosh pit and rock out. "I ain't gonna lie, y'all better f**k these n**as up. Run that s**t, Trey."

Once the music resumed, the agitated crowd pushed several Swedish security team members out of the way. "Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye!" they repeatedly yelled as security begrudgingly walked away from the pit. Once they were gone, the fans started joyously pushing each other in the mosh pit, much to the chagrin of the security guards who watched from the sidelines.

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Why Was Swedish Authorities Blocking Fans From Forming a Mosh Pit?

Truth be told, mosh pits can be very dangerous. Just ask A$AP Rocky. At the 2022 Rolling Loud New York festival, the Harlem rhymer unwittingly decided to jump into the crowd and had a difficult time getting out. In a video that went insanely viral (see below) last September, Rocky is seen in a sea of humanity struggling to break free, as he is getting yanked in all directions.

It appeared that Rocky was caught up in a mosh pit and judging by his grimacing face he didn't want to be in it. "Lift me up," he yelled, while another person can be heard screaming, "Get him out!"

Thankfully, Rocky was hoisted up to the stage where he was able to catch his breath.

"ASAP Rocky in that mosh pit looked like a scene from Attack on Titan," one Twitter user joked after watching the viral clip.

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Watch Destroy Lonely Yell at Swedish Authorities After They Stop Fans From Forming a Mosh Pit Below

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