Kanye West may have reportedly filed a restraining order against Daz Dillinger, but Tha Dogg Pound MC isn't letting up on Yeezy yet. After calling out 'Ye for his comments about Trump and issuing a "Crip alert," Daz now shares his Kanye diss track, "True to the Game (Part 2)."

A remake of Ice Cube's "True to the Game," Daz's diss begins with an audio clip of Kanye at TMZ Live discussing Daz and his threat. The rapper keeps many of the same bars from Cube's original track but replaces some of the lines with bars more relevant to Yeezy.

Instead of rapping "'Nigga go home' spray painted on your house," Daz changes the lyrics to, "'Fuck Trump, nigga' spray painted on your house/Trying to be a white or a jew/But ask yourself, who are they to be equal to?"

Daz also switches Ice Cube's "white bitch" line to a censored word which appears to be "Kardashian." In the track, Daz raps, “Soon as y’all get some dough, you wanna put a [censored word] on your elbow.”

Later in the track, Daz calls out 'Ye for wanting to be like Trump, rapping, "You wanna be just like Trump/But Trump is calling you a nigger, you dumb fuck." The rapper also pokes fun at Yeezy's liposuction claims, spitting, "You can't pass/Trying to get lipo with your black ass."

Last week, Daz jumped on Instagram and claimed Kanye filed a restraining order against him. While no papers have been shown, in the video, the rapper said, "Kanye put a restraining order on me. Fuck Kanye, I appreciate it."

Listen to Daz Dillinger's "True to the Game (Part 2)" below.

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