Daz Dillinger shared his thoughts on Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le, the Lifetime film from Michel'le, the former Death Row singer, on Instagram yesterday, saying, “Did you see where Suge Knight was talking to Tupac like that in her movie? I don’t recall no shit like that." Speaking with VladTV however, Daz is more critical of Michel'le, who put the film together after Straight Outta Compton made no mention of her or the physical abuse she claims to have received at the hand of Dre.

"My thing was why Dr. Dre left, probably got to ask Michel’le," Daz says above. Dre left Death Row Records in 1996 over in-fighting, though Daz suggests there was more to it. "She probably the big cause of it. I don’t want to start no controversy. I seen that shit. She fucked Death Row up, too. She came in there trying to be the CEO. She was doing all kind of dirt and all that shit."

Michel'le has a child by both Dre and Suge, though she told Wendy Williams earlier this month that she doesn't have a relationship with either. Her movie sheds light on Dre's alleged history of abuse, but Daz says that the singer was messing around within the label. "She wanna put the blame on Dr. Dre busting her nose and all that shit. That’s dirty doin' the homie like that. Bitch you was slanging pussy everywhere," he says. "She wasn’t liking what Dr. Dre was doin, she wanted to feel some type of way, Suge came in, and then Tupac came."

Watch the whole clip above.

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