If Stevie J and Benzino could open up a restaurant, why can't the storied duo of Cam'ron and Dame Dash accomplish a similar feat? According to Dame's Instagram, Harlem's finest have teamed up together to open a new restaurant named, Dish.

"Time to open up a restaurant... dish coming soon #nurunmoney #rushthethrone #slavebroke," Dame said via Instagram. "Always excited about new biz... I don't expect it to be easy probably a cash flow problem here and there but I love the fight...it's the life I choose I love the challenge #dishcomingsoon."

Just the other day, people were questioning Dame Dash's financial situation and whether he still had any juice left. It seems that Dame's hustle is still in tact, as he delivers on another venture.

Dame solidified Cam'ron's inclusion in the venture as well in the post.

"Me and @mr_camron in the kitchen at dish...we decided to do this one together on some Harlem shit just for fun #harlemstickstogther #tycoonshit #nurunmoney #rushthethrone...pause."

IIt seems that Dame Dash will be cooking beef other than the one that he stirred up with Flex.

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