Though Curren$y has become a household name in only the past few years, the New Orleans native has paid his dues in the game for longer than that. He’s also worn many hats. Originally coming up under Master P’s No Limit Records, he made the move to Cash Money in 2004. Though Spitta’s career didn’t quite take off there either, he’s recently found his niche. Having cultivated a fan base on his own, and now signed to Warner Bros., Spitta has lived up to the hype that got him these big name co-signs to begin with. Fresh off the success of his Covert Coup collaboration with the Alchemist, the former XXL Freshman continues to experiment with different producers, linking up with Monsta Beatz for Weekend at Burnies.

Inspired by the iconic 1980’s flick of the same name, the album has more of a low-key summer weekend feel to it than the chaotic weekend of corpse chaperoning featured in the film. Spitta doesn’t stray from his element, cruising through Monsta Beatz’s spacey, woozy production in his signature Louisiana drawl. While his delivery comes out sounding effortless, his rhymes are in fact riddled with descriptive lines and obscure, comical references.

Spun into a trance by Curren$y's mellow rhymes over Monsta's production, focusing on what is actually being said becomes secondary during early listens. But lending a true ear to the bars reveals the joint puffing rapper's distinct approach. On “Money Machine,” Curren$y’s kicks off his verse spitting, “Tony said Frank wouldn’t last/Now Frank’s woman upstairs, packing bags/Survival of the fittest.” While Scarface has been mentioned countless times in lyrics, the 504 native might be the first to reference such a seemingly insignificant moment as Michelle Pfeifer packing up her suitcase. Curren$y appreciates the small details, and that’s what makes him stand out. The album's content is what Curren$y's devoted fans have come to expect, with tales of living the Jet Life throughout. "She Don't Want A Man" displays an oft-overlooked ability to weave together a story.

At just over 40 minutes, Weekend at Burnies is over before you know it. But, alas, isn’t that how a great weekend usually goes? This prolific rhymer has added yet another project to a continuously growing catalog, and it's one sure to please anyone who flies those Jets. —Neil Martinez-Belkin

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