Today (Dec. 9), CJ Fly unleashes his new album FLYTRAP. CJ's sophomore effort contains 14 tracks with one guest feature.

You can check out the tracklist and stream FLYTRAP below. The project is a solid follow-up to CJ's previous full-length release, his 2013 Thee Way Eye See It mixtape.

The 23-year-old Pro Era member sets the tone on FLYTRAP's opening cut "Get Me," rapping, "They more focused on what city they can spend a weekend in/And I'm just tryna find my path to spiritual awakening/But so be it."

In case you missed it, CJ dropped the music video for the single "Now You Know," which lands at track No. 10 on Fly Trap. The clip is a creative, nearly three-minute, black-and-white visual. CJ Fly spits in an empty warehouse, “Seen too many niggas switch sides/Getting tired of the dick riding/You Luke Warm, I’m John Blaze, my shit's fire/Either in the stu or I’m getting high/I don’t make a lot but I’m getting by/I know I’ve sinned but a nigga try/I could roll this weed in a nick of time."

CJ recently spoke to Billboard about the hard-hitting track. “‘Now You Know’ represents that moment you empower yourself after being shitted on or screwed over,” he says. “I freestyled the entire song, and it captured how I was feeling at that moment in my life.”

CJ Fly's FLYTRAP Tracklist
1. "Get Me"
2. "Harder"
3. "Idgaf"
4. "Perennial"
5. "Lethal Allure"
6. "Get It Done" Feat. Devontée
7. "Dope"
8. "Always/Confined"
9. "Like the Beatles"
10. "Now You Know"
11. "Living the Life"
12. "Vibrations"
13. "Diamonds"
14. "Downfall"

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