Chrisean Rock is claiming Blueface beat up her babysitter.

Chrisean Rock Calls Out Blueface for Attacking Her Babysitter

On Monday (Dec. 4), Chrisean Rock responded to Blueface's accusation that she left their son Chrisean Jr. with a friend so she could go spend time with another man. According to Chrisean, Blue left the part out about getting into an altercation with the women watching Chrisean Jr., which allegedly left the woman with bruises. In an Instagram Live video, which can be seen below, Chrisean says she was at the studio when Blueface started blowing up her phone. She then got a call from the babysitter, Marsh, who told her Blueface was trying to take their child and Blueface's fiancée Jaidyn Alexis was there with orders from Blueface to fight Marsh.

Chrisean explains she then left the studio to go tend to the situation. "So, while Marsh stalling from getting her a*s beat by Blueface, after he made that recording, he trashed her," Chrisean claims in the video. "I can show you Marsh face, she got slits on her mouth and her face and her eye...Marsh stalled just enough. I pull up, Marsh and Blue fighting."

XXL has reached out to Blueface's team for comment.

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Blueface Calls Out Chrisean Rock for Leaving Baby With Babysitter

Earlier in the day, Blueface shared video on his Instagram Story chastising Chrisean for leaving their son with a babysitter to allegedly go spend time with another man.

"It's crazy my son ain't got no parent at four in the morning," Blueface said with his son in his arms as he got into an Uber. "Nobody wanna watch him. She got Marsh, she got Marsh watching the baby at four in the morning so she can what? Get some d**k? Do a verse? F**k a n***a?...All this so you could do a verse? Suck some d**k? You a boonk b***h."

"Close the door, let's go Marsh," Blueface added. "You gonna get your a*s whooped soon as we get there, c'mon. Jaidyn got a good fade waiting for you let's go Marsh. Let's go. Jaidyn got a fade like Tessa, c'mon girl."

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See Chrisean Rock claiming Blueface beat up her babysitter below.

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