In the face of controversy, it's nice when artists show support for one another instead of tearing each other down. As Meek Mill had his day in court to answer to charges that he violated his parole, Chris Brown has come to Meek's defense. Taking to Twitter to express his empathy for Meek and frustration with America's judicial system, the Royalty creator fired off a series of hilariously-crafted tweets.

Chris, who has dealt with his own share of parole violations over the years, blames the government for America's drug problem rather than the small time dealers. Meek is on parole for a 2008 drug and gun possession conviction. The Philly rapper and Virginia singer have collaborated in the music world before, most recently on Meek's summer single "All Eyes on You" which also features Meek's boo, Nicki Minaj.

Just to keep you up to speed, Meek is in hot water with a Philadelphia judge for traveling to L.A. in November for a performance at the American Music Awards. Apparently, Meek didn't properly inform his parole officer of this trip. On top of that, Dreams Worth More Than Money rapper was also accused of providing a false sample for a recent urine test. As punishment, Meek's judge has prevented him from performing anywhere, including his hometown of Philadelphia. Sentencing for Meek’s violation has been pushed set for Feb. 5.

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