Chief Keef's child's mother Slim Danger has sparked drama with Bhad Bhabie.

On Wednesday (April 26), Slim Danger responded to Bhad Bhabie recently revealing she got six tattoos dedicated to Sosa when they were dating.

"The s**t not that [bomb] trust me," Slim Danger wrote on her Instagram Story. She also shared a photo of herself and Bhad Bhabie.

Bhad Bhabie reacted to the posts, claiming she does not know Slim Danger.

"This is mad weird," Bhad Bhabie commented on Instagram. "I don't know her. Old pic old asf actually. She just asked for a pic didn't know who it was. I'm not the type of b***h to do no s**t like that."

Bhad Bhabie then went on Instagram Live to further clear the air.

"She is mad crazy and mad disrespectful and just looks really bad on me and I hate like that cause like what the f**k is even going on?" Bhad Bhabie snapped. "Let me make something clear today...I don't know her. Oh my God. It looks like it was taken at Glam House. You know how many [people] be in Glam House and be asking me to take pictures with them and I don't even know them and then Mya got to tell me who they is after I take the picture with them like because I don't know who the f**k it is? I don't know her."

Bhad Bhabie then addressed an old tweet where she called Chief Keef a b***h.

"I'll take blame," she continued. "I should have never went on Twitter in the first place and called the man a b***h. Like, alright cool. Because now it's like now y'all looking and nitpicking at s**t and trying to figure it out. So I have to tell something before stories just get made up. I'm not gonna sit and bash him. The only time I ever disrespected him was that little Twitter s**t. Like I would never disrespect him publicly. I don't get down like that. That's f**king crazy."

Rumors that Bhad Bhabie and Chief Keef were dating started circulating in late 2020. Chief Keef was 24 at the time while Bhad Bhabie was still a minor. Bhad Bhabie recently confirmed the relationship during an interview on the High Low With Emrata podcast.

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Bhad Bhabie responds to Slim Danger.

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