Charleston White is clowning T.I.'s son King Harris for getting into an argument with Tip that was captured on camera over the weekend.

Charleston White Weighs in on T.I. and King Altercation

On Sunday night (Nov. 26), controversial YouTuber Charleston White hopped online to give his two cents on Tip and his son King Harris getting into an altercation during an Atlanta Falcons game that was captured on camera

"I told T.I.," White said in a post shared on X, formerly known as Twitter. "God damn it, I told T.I. he should kicked that boy's a*s last year. If T.I. woulda kicked that boy's a*s last year, that boy wouldn't have had to jack him up today. You had that boy showing out at the Falcon game and embarrassing the family."

He continued, "Boy that boy got a big mouth on him, and he talk loud with them big old yellow lips. That boy louder than a muthaf**ka. Yeah, yeah, he f**king with the Atlanta Falcons. Up there disrespecting them bruise too easily to stand on business... Boy, everywhere you get touched you turn red, purple and blue. Man, please...Boy, n***a be walking around like Edward Scissorhands in skin complexion if that boy try to stand on conviction."

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T.I. Charleston White Previously Beef Due to King

This isn't the first time White has shared his thoughts on T.I.'s parenting skills. Last October, White hopped on YouTube and further criticized King for getting arrested.

"And that little T.I. little boy," White said. "That little yellow sum b***h think he playing tough. You going to jail, n***a. Dawg, your little boy going to jail just like your daddy. Going to jail just like your daddy went. I’m talkin’ bout that goddamn Lil Boosie boy and that T.I. boy. They ain’t gone be s**t. Matter of fact, them little boys gon' grow up and be strung out on drugs the way they going."

King and his father both fired back shortly after, with the former calling Charleston White a "b***h boy," while the latter called out White on Instagram Live.

"Just pull me up to speed on what some grown-a*s muthaf**kin' man had to say about my muthaf**kin' son," T.I. told his IG followers. "I know n***as who want attention. I know n***as who ain't got s**t else going on, ain't got no real talent, can't do nothin' but kick up dust and wait on s**t to fall down so they can get dirty and some muthaf**kin' clout get to ’em. I know that's how n****s get paid. I understand that you a bottom feeder and a parasite. I understand when that's your business. But, boy, I’ll spare no expense on your a*s ’bout mine. Give a f**k about no police. I’ll do all my time, n***a."

Tip added, "I got family who are willing to risk their lives and freedom to die ’bout me and mine. Don't f**king play with me, man. Don’t f**king play with my muthaf**kin' child ever, n***a."

White later challenged Tip to a fight, and the pair shared a contentious phone call before moving on from the situation.

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See video of Charleston White weighing in on the video of T.I. getting into an altercation with his son King below.

Watch Charleston White Joke King Harris for the Viral Altercation With T.I.

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