CeeLo is back with new music just days after killing his feature on Kendrick Lamar's new untitled unmastered. project. The song is called "God Is a Woman," and judging by Cee Lo's very public past with women, the song might turn a couple people off with the title alone.

The new song finds CeeLo singing over pianos and synths before drums slowly fill in the production. It's quite beautiful and pristine, nauseating undertones aside.

In an interview with HipHopDX, CeeLo talks about making the song on Kendrick's joint and how they linked up in the first place. "We kind of stumbled upon each other by way of another mutual friend we both happened to be working with, Adrian Younge," he explains. "The only truly exceptional thing about it is the song itself. The way it was done was really organic and natural so there’s it’s not a really big story behind it. In the course of doing a project or multiple projects, you exercise your right to be expressive and compile new material. You really never know what to make of it.

“We didn’t do the song together," he added. "It was an idea that was available to be embellished upon. Kendrick was attracted to the idea that was. So it was never really a complete song.”

Regarding whether his "mortal man" lyric was a reference to the last song on To Pimp A Butterfly, CeeLo says, "That could just be a cool coincidence. The album wasn’t even out yet. It was in the process of recording. I can be definitive in saying it wasn’t a listening session of the material he had amassed for the project. To be honest, it’s even more flattering that it was an idea that was unfinished that he saw potential in. He validated it, by evolving and extending the thought. Expounding upon it."

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