Jay ZBeyoncé and their daughter Blue Ivy make up one of the most high-powered families in the entertainment world, and because of that, it's kind of hard to imagine them doing anything mundane. Well, one artist has offered up his own take on what that might look like by creating a cartoon focusing on the family of three's imaginary trip to a chicken and biscuits drive-thru.

In the cartoon, we're treated to crude illustrations of Hov, Bey and Blue and some Johnson Family Vacation-esque dialog. In one part of the video, Blue  asks Jay to play some Lil Yachty, only for Hov to nearly vomit and crash the car a second later, and Bey—who's just finished a jar of pickles—asks Jay to pull-up to a drive-thru window so she can get some grub. When Jay asks her if she can just wait until she gets to the hotel, the animated version of the Lemonade artist offers up a menacing "no" as bees under her command begin circling Hova's head. You can peep the rest of the brief, but hilarious vid below.

In other news regarding the "Shining" performers, it appears the two superstars are looking to take their mansion game to the next level. Recently, it was reported they've been “actively looking for the perfect house for their expanding family,” eyeing a massive California mansion during their search. The price? $85 million.

Needless to say, that's a hefty chunk of change, but we have a feeling they can afford it.

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