Cardi B is threatening to sic her lawyers on a person who claimed to have evidence that Offset was cheating on the Grammy winning rapper.

Offset Cheating Rumor Gets Response From Cardi B

On Sunday (Aug. 20), Twitter user @ayywalker shared what was purported to be alleged evidence that Offset was recently unfaithful to Bardi. The post featured a photo that was supposedly of Offset along with a voice memo of a man trying to set up a meeting with a woman.

"Offset has allegedly cheated on Cardi B once again. How embarrassing," the Twitter user captioned the post. The allegations got a rise out of Cardi B who responded to the claims.

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Cardi B Warns Twitter User Lawsuit Is Imminent

On Monday (Aug. 21), Cardi B addressed the claims on Twitter in a since-deleted voice note.

"So you guys are going to receive a letter from his lawyer," Cardi B stated in the post, which can be heard below. "Because all these little games that you guys want to play online–it's going to be over with."

She added, "You're going to be getting sued, and we're going to make an example out of you. Yeah, and that was a terrible AI voice, by the way, so yeah, bye."

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Peep Cardi B's post threatening to sue a person who posted alleged evidence of Offset cheating below.

Listen to Cardi B's Reaction to Fake Evidence About Offset Cheating on Her

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