After being estranged for years, the truth is finally coming out about what caused Cam'ron and Jim Jones to turn from friends to frenemies.

Capo had his turn first, breaking things down during a heartfelt interview with Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex a few days ago. Jones feels he always had Cam's back, but didn't always feel like the love was reciprocated. And things got real. “There’s never been a time when I backed down from any situation in this world, except God,” Jones said while fighting back tears. “And I’ve been up against 20, 30 deep by myself when niggas left me by myself. And I escaped those situations and still come back and give niggas high-five.”

Killa promised to give his side of the story, sans tears, and delivered last night (Feb. 11) during a two-hour session on Instagram Live.

He started at the genesis, breaking down his introduction into rapping, growing up in Harlem and meeting Mase. Later, Cam claims, contrary to what Jimmy said, he's always had the "We Fly High" rapper's back. "How the hell was I hating, when I was advocating for this dude to become a rapper?," Cam asked aloud. "That shit is lies, bro. Word to my mama."

He also discounts Capo's claims that he was the enforcer for Dipset. "He was not my muscle," Cam said. "He was my man. He was my hypeman," he later added. "We didn't grow up together. We got cool at 20 years old. Jim never had the guns, B...I had the guns. Google it."

Things got interesting when Cam went on to break down Jim's beef with Mendeecees over Chrissy and Yandy. The incarcerated reality show star even called in to break down his beef with Jones.

According to Cam, there were a few factors that led to him and Jones falling out. One, was Jim asking him to fake beef some years back. Another was Cam making "Tricky Ricky" shirts to mock Jones' relationship with Chrissy.

In the end though, Cam said he has nothing but love for his fellow Harlemite. "I want Jim to succeed. I'm happy he's happy. I don't know if he's happy or not. I want him to win," Cam said. "I don't got no beef with you...I really love you."

It still doesn't sound like we will be getting a Dipset reunion anytime soon.

Check out Cam's explanation below.

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