Buddy and Khalid catch a serious high on "Trippin'," a new single from Buddy's forthcoming debut album, Harlan & Alondra.

For the new track, Buddy recaps the effects of the drugs he's currently using, describing kaleidoscopic colors he sees.

"I'm coming down Melrose/Running a checkup for cardio/Smoking Luigi eating that Mario's/Ok then let's see how far we go/Off the shits when I'm in the studio/Tripping on acid with Rufio/Minds turn into kaleidoscopes," he raps on the second verse of the song.

Holding down hook duties, Khalid croons about getting intoxicated. "I'm sipping/Sipping got me twisted up/I'm living/Living got me tripping out/No feelings/Man those feeling got me flipping out," he belts out.

"Trippin'" is just the latest glimpse of what should be a dope new project from Buddy, who's one of the more talented artists the West Coast has to offer. Previous offerings came in the form of "Trouble on Central" and the Ty Dolla $ign-featuring "Hey Up There."

Listen to "Trippin'" below. Pre-order Harlan & Alondra, which drops this Friday (July 20), when you're done with that.

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