Back in Oct. of this year, a Brooklyn rapper/actor named Moise Morancy was taking the bus back from the studio when he saw a guy named Pablo Levano allegedly trying to fondle a 15-year-old girl. Morancy swiftly took action, roughing up the dude and then pinning him down until the cops came and the rapper could tell them what happened.

"He was touching a little girl, and then I defended her," he says in the original video above. Morancy was temporarily handcuffed before being let go at the scene, and Levano was arrested for the incident.

This past Saturday (Nov. 26), Morancy was honored by the NYPD's 112th precinct, who presented the 21-year-old with the Good Samaritan award, reports the Daily News. A couple weeks ago, Nas even big upped the kid, sharing the video on Facebook.

The incident totally changed Morancy's view of the police. When he was 12-years-old, he was racially profiled by the cops. “It got real physical for no reason,” he told the Daily News. “I was walking on the street and they roughed me up, and I didn’t know why.” He had similarly bad interactions with the police at ages 18 and 19.

But after Sergeant Johnny J. Hines III ordered Morancy to be released from handcuffs and called the rapper a hero, Morancy began to rethink his feelings on the cops, and was even inspired to write a song about the incident called "No Means No" which you can hear below.

“I used to say I was sure there were some good officers out there, but I had never met one. I can’t say that anymore,” said Morancy. “It feels good to have a friend in the NYPD. If he never existed, or never joined the force, my perception of police probably wouldn't have changed until much later in life."

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