Chicago native and Savemoney member, Brian Fresco is back with new music in the form of "Miracle," a track produced by Mano, owner of the brand Treated Crew and the beatsmith behind some of The Weeknd's most recent hits including "The Hills."

For "Miracle," which is the first track recorded and released since Fresco's breakout album, Casanova, which dropped last year, the rapper rhymes about his growth since he's been in the game.

"Miracle in my vision i had to call on my Lord/Sent my homie to prison I had to call on my bro/Used to run with them niggas I used to sit by the store/Now my niggas get bitches and crowd surf at my shows/Hennessy in my stomach and I think she's going to go/Checking out my Versace thinking yea we're going back home," he delivers.

"Miracle" will be on a new project Fresco is working on with DJ Moondawg. The new track holds a special place in the Chi-Town native's heart.

"The song was inspired by the success of the release of Casanova and the release show that I put together with my manager at Portage Theater," he tells XXL. "This was the first song I recorded after I dropped my project Casanova and I had an attendance of 900 people at my show, which was a huge deal because it was my first headliner and there were a lot of doubters who didn't think the show would do well but it did better than my and everyone else's expectations.

"[It] made me feel like miracles were possible again and I created this song with every miracle that has come into my life in mind. I almost died when I was 12, [I was] stabbed in my chest with an ice pick and couldn't tell my parents so I had to nurse myself. I survived, giving me the last line on the chorus 'Miracles for my parents I was supposed to be gone'."

His upcoming project is set to be released during the summer around his birthday. XXL spoke to Brian Fresco for The Break to find out about his come up. Read up to find about his story.

Listen to "Miracle" above.

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