Boosie BadAzz reflects on the death of a former friend who betrayed him and then gives thanks to God for his passing.

On Thursday (Nov. 7), the Baton Rouge native shared on his Instagram Live the news of his ex-friend’s death. “That boy died in his sleep the other day, man," he said. "That boy outta here man, that boy outta here, man. That boy died in his sleep. God [is] good.”

“Fresh out 10 years and you die in your sleep. Lord Jesus, you are a good man,” he continued.

According to Boosie, he ended his friendship with that person after he tried to rob him back in the days. The rap veteran detailed that story on his 2010 song “Betrayed."

“First time you fuck with me dog I let them killas go/I'm down and dirty cause a nigga heard me/Geefus supposed to be dead but I let him slide cause he ain't worth it,” Boosie raps on the song.

Boosie, who released his project Badazz 3.5 back in March, told the person in the room that although he let his now-deceased friend slide for trying to rob him, another higher power wasn’t so forgiving.

“God ain’t let you slide...and this nigga was my homie. God ain’t let you slide,” he said. “The boy done fucking died in his sleep. God is good.”

See all of what Boosie's got to say on the matter below.

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