At long last, Bones has unveiled the release date for his forthcoming project, UNRENDERED. He broke the news yesterday afternoon, writing on Twitter, "11 DAYS UNTIL 'UNRENDERED,'" meaning it drops on 4/20.

You can get a feel for Bones' vibe and his approach to rapping by checking out a few of his music videos below. Featuring dark, surreal imagery, ominous instrumentals and Bones' low-pitched voice, each video makes the rapper seem more like a cult leader than a rap star.

Bones' video for "Branches" stands out the most.  In the video, we see the rapper floating above snow-covered hills as he raps with the lethargy that makes it seem like he's in a trance.

In the verse for the song, he raps, "Consider that C4 on my chest if you really coming up trying to press/Take you with me on the wildest ride you've ever been on yet/Out this world, off this globe, back into what we don't know/What we never will, no matter the rate that human knowledge grows."

Bones is yet to really break-out on the national scene, but has nonetheless established a strong group of core fans during his career, and UNRENDERED could very well be the project that takes his career to the next level. He's also got a collab with Danny Brown on the way that we can't wait to hear.

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