Bones has finally dropped his Unrendered project. The new project features 18 tracks and only one feature from Ricky A Go Go.

Born in Cali but growing up in Michigan, Bones is a perfect example of a rapper having legions of fans without being in the mainstream spotlight. Over the last few years, he's continued to build his following, with he and his mysterious Team SESH clique accumulating millions upon millions of plays in the process. Bones has been putting in work the entire time, dropping at least 45 projects over the last seven years.

Recently, the Team SESH rapper got into the studio with fellow Michigan MC Danny Brown. Bones—formerly known as Th@ Kid—dropped a preview of the song a little over a month ago, and from what we heard of it, the collab sounds creepy enough to have fit right in on Brown's Atrocity Exhibition. We'll have to wait to see for ourselves.

For now, you can stream Unrendered here and peep the tracklist below. Plus, be on the lookout for his collab project with Memphis rapper Xavier Wulf, called Krater's Atlas, coming soon as well.

Bones' Unrendered Tracklist

1. "Importing"
2. "CtrlAltDelete"
3. "SystemPreferences"
4. "MissingProjectFiles"
5. "SunnyDay"
6. "ConnectingToServer"
7. "LifeRuiner"
8. "MustBeADragWakingUpAndBeingYou"
9. "MyNephewHasAWhitePickupTruck"
12. CaseSensitive
13. "YouKnowIWantYou" (Feat. Ricky A Go Go)
14. "BoyOhBoy"
15. "MinorSetback"
16. "TheGrandestNothing"
17. "ContinueWithoutSaving?"
18. "Exporting"

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