Blueface is responding to Chrisean Rock's claims that he wanted her to be a slave in their relationship.

Blueface Responds to Pimp Daddy Claims Made by Chrisean Rock

On Thursday (Nov. 2), Blueface hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to respond to Chrisean's claims in a new interview on The Jason Lee Show that Blue acted more like a pimp than a loving companion during their relationship.

"A lie will always go further than the truth it’s more exciting," Blueface posted. "You openly admit to playing somebody to get to where you want to be but somehow you are the victim that got played when you got to where you wanted to be makes 0 sense that’s a hell of a contradiction."

In follow-up posts he continued: "That’s like me coming to rob you but you end up robbing me an I call the police an say it’s been a robbery...The way I see it all partys involved were adults fully aware of their actions an accepting of what’s happening nobody denied knowingly an willingly participating after all the train of events so acting 'dumb'/'playing dumb'/'victim'/'survivor' sounds dumb when it’s all said an done."

He added, "Of course I watched the bulls**t it’s all about me an Im literally watching an adult say they was loyal riding for me but playing me the entire time at the same time an i lost brain cells tryna make that make sense...Everyone won in the end rock is able to fend for herself me an Jaidyn are exactly where we wanna be everyone is doing better then they’ve ever done what’s the problem fr?"

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Chrisean Rock Tells All in New Jason Lee Interview

Chrisean Rock's new interview on Hollywood Unlocked's The Jason Lee Show debuted on Wednesday (Nov. 1). Chrisean touched on a number of topics in the interview, including giving the whole story about Blueface posting their son's hernia photo online, past beef with Coi Leray, her abusive upbringing and more. She also claimed Blueface's harsh treatment of her was the reason for their split.

"I be reciprocating the same energy as him, and it doesn't work when a n***a from L.A. He get pimp daddy vibes," Rock told Jason Lee in the interview below. "'I'm the daddy I do what I do and you just, you gonna suck my d**k or what? You gonna get me the money or what?'"

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See Blueface's response to Chrisean Rock's claims of how he treated her during their relationship below.

See Blueface Response to Chrisean Rock's Claims He Wanted Her to Be a Slave in Their Relationship